K-Alloy is a cost effective highly corrosion resistant Aluminum die casting alloy with superior properties. Our customers utilize K-Alloy for applications where harsh environments cause corrosion, where chromate or other coatings are undesirable and when designs call for better heat dissipation.

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K-Alloy Properties...

  • Young’s Modulus (psi) 1.04E+07
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength (psi) 43,000
  • Yield Strength (psi) 25,000
  • Percent Elongation 5%; 8% - 10% after heat treating
  • At least 87% primary aluminum by weight
  • Very low copper content (.05 - .08%)

Our customers have found that K-Alloy can easily substitute for other die casting alloys like A380, A360 and A 413. In cases were coatings are applied for corrosion resistance K-Alloy can be left uncoated if desired. We have seen K Alloy subjected to 3,000 hours of B 117 Salt Spray Testing with no metal loss or surface damage. Other Al alloys would require coatings and still would not measure up to K-Alloy's corrosion resistance.

Some suggested applications (not an inclusive list)...

  • Electronic component housings exposed to harsh environments
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting, such as stadium lighting
  • Saltwater applications including boat fittings, fishing and recreational equipment
  • Defense applications including drones, military radios and antennas
  • Electric motor cages and housings
  • Automotive, trucks, construction equipment and harsh under hood environments including vehicle structural components

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