K-Alloy® (A304) Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Die Casting Alloy has Advanced Strength and Thermal Properties making it ideal for Automotive electrification

Manufacturers Specify K-Alloy (A304)
to Reduce the
Actual Cost of Corrosion

K-Alloy is a high-performance general purpose die-casting alloy for any part that is required to perform in a harsh environment. K-Alloy is particularly suitable for a variety of EV vehicle applications where corrosion resistance and as-cast high elongation strength are important for low center of gravity parts placement. Superior die life reduces costs over the life of the part as well.

Current casting examples include:

and harsh
under hood
Electronics Equipment Enclosures
Outdoor lighting for Commercial, Residential, Stadium
Including Drones,
Radios, Antennas
Saltwater Applications Include Boat Fittings, Fishing Reels, Recreational Equipment

Key Benefits of K-Alloy (A304) vs. A380, A360, A413, Aural and Silafont:

K-Alloy is More corrosion resistant than other die casting alloys and K-Alloy Requires No coatings for corrosion resistance - may lower parts cost and eliminate toxic chromate (Cr3)
K-Alloy as cast exhibits 5% elongation. T7 heat treatment can increase elongation to 8% - 10%.
K-Alloy Die Life is equal to 100% of A380 - Can Use current dies - Significant Die Cost Savings vs. Aural and Silafont

Downloadable K-Alloy Documents

K-Alloy Specifications Sheet

2017 NADCA Presentation on K-Alloy

BorgWarner's K-Alloy (A304) Card Deck Detailing EV Applications Available In:

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