Aluminum Die Casting Alloy With Enhanced Corrosion Resistance

BorgWarner K-Alloy® (A304) is an aluminum die casting alloy that provides unexpected levels of corrosion resistance when compared to traditional aluminum alloys.

In outdoor or highly corrosive environments die cast parts can form unacceptable levels of corrosion that could lead to product failure. A new die casting aluminum alloy was developed and patented by Delphi Corporation to eliminate the high potential for failure of standard die casting alloys like 380, 360 and 413. Exhibiting unique properties, the new alloy is branded as K-Alloy, also known as A304:

  • Superior corrosion resistance as compared to all other die casting alloys, eliminate need for toxic Cr3 coatings
  • 5% Elongation as cast; 8%+ elongation after heat treating for significantly improved rigidity and fastener retention
  • Advanced thermal conductivity makes K-Alloy ideal for heat sink applications
  • Physical properties comparable to 360 and 413 alloys
  • K-Alloy can be cast using existing dies with die life equal to 100% of A380
  • Readily available commercial suppliers
  • K-Alloy can be thermally post processed for structural components

K-Alloy was originally developed and patented by Delphi Corporation for under-hood applications where moisture, road salt corrosion, heat, vibration and shock had been contributing to failure of standard Al alloys resulting in warranty repair. K-Alloy, as cast, has virtually eliminated corrosion with automakers now certifying the life of K Alloy components in excess of 20 years under the hood. K-Alloy is available world-wide through BorgWarner-licensed smelters. Download a brochure here.

K-Alloy is available from licensed smelters worldwide.
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